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Property in Yorkshire and The Humber

Affectionately known as ‘God’s country’ by locals, Yorkshire and the Humber will convert you with the incredible Yorkshire Dales, breath-taking countryside, industrial heritage and charming marketing towns. Covering most of Yorkshire, northern Lincolnshire and all the Humberside, there is a diverse Yorkshire property market that ranges from cosmopolitan flats to rural houses.

Yorkshire property for every budget

Generally, Yorkshire property is cheaper than southern homes, but can cost more than in the North East and West. That said, there are many properties available for a wide range of budgets. Students, families on a tight budget and those with lavish lifestyles can find appropriate and comforting homes to suit their needs.

The beautiful region contains an abundance of property for sale in Yorkshire and spaces to rent. Flats, luxury apartments, smart townhouses and family homes with gardens are all available to buy. You’ll also find more quintessential and quaint converted barns to buy and cottages to rent in Yorkshire.

If you’re ready to explore the patchwork fields, dramatic scenery that inspired novels, the historic York and the surfing beach towns like Scarborough, then start your Yorkshire property search. On Boomin, you’ll find a wide range of flats to rent and houses to buy in Yorkshire that suits your needs.