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Our unique tools are helping agents win more instructions and earn more revenue than ever before

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Join thousands of agents signing up for good things to happen

From local market leaders to national brands across the UK, agents on Boomin are at the forefront of innovation and industry transformation. And we're the property site game-changing the status quo, with sales and letting agents in mind.

We’re committed to long-term brand-building, investing £52M over 3 years to drive Boomin audiences and new revenue opportunities to our agency partners.

Boomin's already delivering for agents.

Agent sign-ups

Hundreds of agency branches are joining Boomin every week.

Building fame

Brand awareness is growing fast. We achieved 60% brand awareness in our first year.


Thousands of valuations are sent to agents every week through SmartVal requests.

Unique tools

Secret Property and Sneak Peek are giving agents greater control over the quality of valuations secured.


Market appraisals booked directly with agents since launching.

MatchMaker connections

1,000s of seller adverts published with agents gaining new instructions and sales from the introductions.

Why Boomin’s a good thing

Boomin’s not just another property listing site. We’re shaking up a stagnant industry by leading innovation - creating more competition and powerful features that generate new valuation, instruction and revenue opportunities for agents.

Opening up the market by showing more than just classified property ads – increasing transaction numbers.

Getting agents and active customers engaging like they did before portals – building loyalty.

Increasing agency revenues during and long after the transaction through new revenue streams.

Generating more brand exposure, ensuring agents are front and centre like never before.

Increasing productivity, so agents can spend more time on what matters.

Earning agents more revenue than you ever pay in fees is our key objective.

There's more to come

We're already acting on customer feedback, fast-tracking new product features that will drive more valuations, better qualified customers, increased transactions and greater revenues.

What you can expect by joining

Competitive membership fees with 6 and 12 month options to choose from.

Transparent fees with the aim to earn you more than you pay.

Access powerful features such as SmartVal, Secret Property, Sneak Peek, ChainMaker, MortgageMaker and more.

For moves you wouldn’t normally be part of, secure MatchMaker deals with sellers and buyers at no cost to you.

Get valuations and viewings arranged 24/7 - know exactly what value we can bring.

Secure greater exposure for your agency brand than on other portals.

Access new audiences and insights as they journey from passive to active on Property Playground.

Utilise all Boomin features through a level 3 integration with your CRM provider.

Why other property sites don’t compare

Included in our full membership


Agent ads on every full property listing

Enhanced branding in your customer accounts

Competitive fees for profitable outcomes

Save time with valuations and viewings arranged 24/7

No reselling of your data

ChainMaker introductions

Earn extra revenue from unique Property Playground and Priorities features

Included in your Platinum membership

Premium listings

MatchMaker deals

Featured listings at top of search results

This comparison is what we understand to be the services offered as at 21 June 2021. There may be some differences based on individually negotiated service provider deals with agents. If anything proves not to be a fair comparison, we will change it.

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Why we do what we do

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Q. How long does it take to get set up?

A. Usually within 5 working days, provided your CRM is integrated with Boomin.

Q. What is the notice period?

A. One full calendar month at the end of the contract period, provided in writing.

Q. Does Boomin take your data?

A. No - it’s your data.