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Cheap and Dated Furniture Puts Off Potential Tenants

Buy-to-let landlord? Cheap and dated furnishings have shown to put off the majority of renters.

Aug 20, 2021


3 min read

Cheap and Dated Furniture Puts Off Potential Tenants

Despite the solid rental market, many tenants are choosing certain spaces that prioritise hardworking and decent furnishings. For many tenants, a furnished rental property is preferred as it gives them a chance to save time and money on furniture and moving expenses. So, is your buy-to-let property up to scratch?

A new study conducted by Manor Interiors observed that 59% of tenants found that the items in their furnished rental property weren’t fit for purpose. When asked to explain further, many answers stated that the furniture was cheap or of poor quality. The biggest complaint was dirty or unhygienic furniture, which is certainly a worrying factor in current COVID times.

An outdated kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, bright walls and carpets have also topped the list of renter gripes that could put them off a property. What’s more, 66% of tenants said they would happily pay more for a rental property with good-quality items. The space should be clean and safe, with furnishings that will last.

How often should landlords redecorate?

Now, more than ever, the aesthetics of a rental property can turn a potential renter off in an instant. With rents as high as they are, the modern-day tenant requires a space that’s clean, safe and furnished with adequate items. If the renter feels these needs aren't met, then the property’s shortcomings end up hurting the landlord’s bottom line.

Landlords have a responsibility to rent out a property in good condition, while tenants look after the space for the duration of their lease. While updates to furnishings should be carried out immediately when damaged or inadequate, as a general rule, landlords should aim to update décor and furnishings every couple of years.

How Boomin can help

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In short…

  • Renters are looking for properties with good-quality, safe furnishings
  • Properties with outdated or dirty items can turn off potential renters
  • Boomin’s Property Playground helps you keep your rental property an attractive space for tenants