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Expert local estate agents are available to provide a SmartVal estimate. Give yourself the best possible chance of achieving the price you want and get more SmartVals for this property

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A SmartVal is an appraisal of value for marketing purposes provided by a local Estate Agent based on the information you have provided and their knowledge of the area and the market.

We believe that a SmartVal is more accurate than a purely digital assessment because it has been appraised and considered by a local Estate Agent. We would always recommend that you have an Estate Agent to your home for a more intimate appraisal of all aspects of your home.

We will show you all the agents who are live and available in your area to provide a SmartVal. There will no doubt be many reasons why they could suddenly be unavailable and therefore we provide a 15 minute window for your chosen agent to accept the SmartVal request. If they do not accept the SmartVal request we will provide you with the option to choose alternatives.

The local Agent has 15 minutes from when they accept the request.

They have 15 minutes to assess and submit the SmartVal. If they do not meet that timeframe then we will notify you and give you the option to choose an alternative local Agent.


You will notify you as soon as the SmartVal is available to view. You can access it in your Property Hub on Boomin.

In order that the agent can prepare the SmartVal and follow up with you we provide your contact details but not before the SmartVal has been completed and submitted to you.

No. You can only get a maximum of three in any three month period.

Of course and we would encourage you to do so. You can book the valuation in seconds via your Property Hub.

When you choose a SmartVal we will show you which Agents have told us they are online and available now. That list can change every minute of the day because Agents will not be available whilst they are doing another SmartVal and will become available again once they have completed and submitted it. You will be able to notify us should you have a specific agent in mind and we will let you know when they are back available again.

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