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7 Ways to Personalise Your Rented Garden That Won’t Upset Your Landlord

Put your personal stamp on your rented garden with these non-permanent ideas.

Faye deGavre


Mar 10, 2022


4 min read

7 Ways to Personalise Your Rented Garden That Won’t Upset Your Landlord

We all want an outdoor space that reflects our personality and that we can enjoy, but for renters, this can be tricky. You don’t want to invest in a space that isn’t your own or jeopardise your deposit if you damage the grounds.

If you’re planning on giving your rented garden an update this spring or summer, we’ve pulled together some landlord-friendly, affordable rented garden ideas suitable for any space.

Rented garden ideas

Decorate the fence
- Image credit: Sarah Kay Garden Design

If your landlord is happy to let you paint the fence, pick up a pastel paint that will add an injection of colour. If you can’t paint fencing, look into non-permanent ways to infuse décor. String up outdoor lights across the panels or add homemade tealight holders from upcycled cans to add interest and light to the borders.

Create an outdoor seating area
- Image credit: Garden Design Guru

No matter what size plot you have, you can create zones to maximise the space. Add plenty of seating with a table to host lazy brunches and twilight dinners. For a more relaxed feel, add beanbags or a picnic bench. Whatever seating you choose, make sure it’s portable.

Plant in pots
- Image credit: Jane Harries Garden Designs

You may be reluctant to put down roots, both metaphorically and literally, in a rented property. Instead, put your green thumbs to work in freestanding, portable containers. A wide range of flowers in plant pots will add colour to your garden and you can take them with you when you move. Arrange the pots in groups so the planters become an attractive focal point.

Grow in planters
- Image credit: The Planters

You don’t have to take on a mortgage just to grow vegetables in your garden. Invest in a sizeable planter (or two) to start growing your own herbs, potatoes and tomatoes.

Make accessories moveable
- Image credit: Gardens and Plants

When renting, freestanding, portable furniture is your friend. Invest in pieces that you can take with you when you move. Hang some bunting. Lay out a picnic blanket. Put up a mini greenhouse. Get foldable pieces of furniture, like a bistro set. You’ll be surprised how quickly your garden feels more inviting.

Add atmosphere
- Image credit: Simon Orchard Garden Design

Lighting transforms an outdoor space, and you can add instant ambience for very little work. Our favourite way to make a garden glow is to hang solar-powered string lights. You may not have a working fireplace in your home, but there’s no reason you can’t have a fire pit in your garden to keep you toasty on summer evenings.

Hang baskets of beautiful blooms
- Image credit: Babylon Gardens

At the front or back, hanging baskets will make any garden look impressive. They can add a pop of colour and can be incredibly easy to care for (if you fill them with succulents, herbs or sturdy green plants). Hang them up with care to avoid causing damage if they fall.

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Header image credit: Babylon Gardens

Faye deGavre

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