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How to Make Your Rented Space Feel More Like Home

If you’re renting a property, it can feel like your hands are tied when it comes to home decorating. With these easy fixes on how to make a rented house feel like home, you can start loving the space you’re in.

Faye deGavre


Apr 26, 2021


5 min read

How to Make Your Rented Space Feel More Like Home

Is your rented flat feeling a little... flat? Or could your house do with some hygge to make it feel more like home? With the constraints of living in rented accommodation, it may feel more like a blank canvas than a Home Sweet Home. While you may be limited in what you can do, don’t get disheartened. Take a look at these landlord-friendly home decorating tips to bring some personality to the property and make it feel more like home. 

Can you decorate a rented flat?

Before you begin reimagining the space, make sure you know what you’re allowed – and not allowed – to change. While some landlords will be happy for you to put your stamp on the place, others will not. Review your Tenancy Agreement and check with your landlord before carrying out any permanent changes. 

Home decorating for renters

  • Get creative with storage

Homes for rent often lack storage, which can quickly lead to unsightly clutter (no matter how much purging you do). That means you need to get creative with storage solutions. Choose items that can add personality and storage. Make the most of the cupboard space with practical upgrades like shelf inserts. Vintage trunks tuck away mess and serve as side tables. While creating built-in storage may not be possible, there are plenty of clever ways to hide items.

  • Sprinkle greenery

Even if your house or flat has no garden or balcony, it’s still possible to incorporate outdoor elements into your home. Houseplants have made a comeback and there are so many different choices – whether you’re green-fingered or not. Larger plants, such as monsteras and rubber trees, are great at filling corners. Trailing plants like devil’s ivy and string of pearls enhance the feeling of height in a room and add depth when placed on a window ledge or shelf.

Adding real plants not only improves a room’s aesthetics; the pop of green also offers an instant connection to nature while promoting wellbeing with a sense of calm, freshness and comfort. Pick a few of your favourites for instant air purification, too.

If the carpets, wooden floorboards or linoleum flooring in your rented space have seen better days, use a large, on-trend rug to cover them. A statement rug can change the look of a room while keeping the floor intact – and it can be taken with you when you leave. Plus, rugs add a touch of cosiness that makes the space feel more hygge and inviting.

  • Double up with curtains over cold blinds

Does your rented home have plastic or metal blinds? Add curtains in front of the windows to make the rooms feel softer, warmer and more comfortable, especially during those long winter evenings. Disclaimer: Check with your landlord first if you need to install a curtain pole. 

  • Liven up the finishing touches

If you rent a furnished property, your landlord’s sofa and seating choice might not be to your taste. A cheap and quick fix is to add a couple of cushions that bring your personality into the room. Add soft throws and bedding to match. Since most properties are kept as a neutral base, this is your chance to introduce splashes of your favourite shades and textures.

If your rental lacks natural light, place a statement lamp in the corner that can be used as a feature piece, rather than just another light accessory. Mix bright floor lamps with dimmer table lamps or strings of bulbs to play with different looks and levels of brightness. 

  • Take your garden with you

With all the appliances provided, you may be wondering how to decorate a rental kitchen. It’s easy to create décor that you can take with you to your next place, such as a herb garden for the kitchen. All you need is a few small potted plants like mint and rosemary. Not only will you always have something fresh to take your meals to the next level, you’ll add a decorative accent, too.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, add personality and interest with potted flowers that you can take when you move.

  • Decorate the walls (without nails)

If you’re wondering how to decorate walls in a rental without damaging the wall, then let us introduce you to sticky-back picture hooks. When used carefully and correctly, damage-free picture hooks give you the chance to hang your personal photos and favourite art – without leaving a trace once removed. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your rental space feel more like home. 

  • Don’t forget the bathroom

Many rented properties come with a basic bathroom. To infuse some life and your personality into the space, consider the small details. Choose a plush bathmat, replace the mirror and add a free-standing shelving unit over the toilet for storage (no nails required). Replace the shower curtain with something more suited to your tastes, such as a bold print or colour. 

Before you paint a wall bright yellow, ask your landlord if they’re happy with the change. If they give you the green light, ensure you go overboard in the pre-painting prep by protecting surfaces and flooring. Generally, neutral colours are preferred (and are cheaper, as you’ll have to revert the bright walls back to their neutral condition before moving out). 

If your landlord wants to keep neutral walls, then you could paint some of your own furniture, instead. Breathe new life into your wooden chairs or a metal table. Chalk paint works wonderfully on different materials and the upcycled pieces will go a long way in cheering up your space.

  • Add a personal touch with home décor accessories

It’s the small touches that take a room from cold to cosy and allow the space to feel more like home. Display your books, ornaments, mirrors and photos – whatever makes you feel at ease.

Introducing your playground

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Your rental property search starts here

Now you know how to make a rented house feel more like home, home decorating for renters doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Are you ready to find your next rental? Whether you’re looking to rent by yourself, with your other half or five friends, you can explore and discover more with Boomin.

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