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Christmas Decorations That Won't Damage Your Rental Property

Renting a property? Here’s how to deck the halls without leaving damage that could jeopardise your deposit.

Faye deGavre


Dec 06, 2021


4 min read

Christmas Decorations That Won't Damage Your Rental Property

As the shops fill their shelves with gifts and your afternoon biscuit is swapped for a mince pie, one thing is clear: Christmas is coming. With the 25th of December fast approaching, many of us will be thinking about how to decorate our homes. 

One of the joys of Christmas is decorating your space to get into the festive spirit. But if you’re renting, it can be harder to go to town on the twinkling lights and fragrant fir tree. Before you string up cards or force a 7ft spruce through the front door, just remember that many landlords won’t take kindly to damage that decorations cause – even if there is festive intent. 

Take a look at some of these Christmas decorations that will keep your landlord happy and your spirits bright. 

How to decorate for Christmas and still keep your security deposit

Hang up a wreath
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Hanging a wreath from your front door is a great way to show you’re in the Christmas spirit. Be sure to use a wreath hanger so you won’t need to hammer nails into the door. 

String up some staircase garland
- Image credit: Cox & Cox

Although most of your Christmas decoration efforts will focus on your living room, if you have a staircase, a garland can work its magic to carry the theme through the rest of your home. Tie one to your banister (rather than nailing it in). If you don’t have a banister, lay a garland on the windowsill or hang it around a mirror that festive touch.

Invest in warm, wintery accessories
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With just a few hours of daylight, we all love wrapping up in a cosy throw and nestling into a cushioned den. Accessorise this winter with plush throws and cushions by mixing textures, from faux fur to flannel to boucle.

Go crazy for candle displays
- Image credit: Cox & Cox

Candles emit a Christmassy glow, warming winter scents and can be glammed up to create a magical display. If there’s nothing in your tenancy agreement about lighting candles, gather some candles and holders, pine cones, berries and some springs of holly to lay out on the table. If you’re not keen on open-flame candles in your rental property, swap them out for battery-operated tealights.

Design a festive windowsill display
- Image credit: La Redoute

If you can’t hang decorations on walls or pin anything to doorways, then create a merry windowsill display. Small bottle brush trees, light-up houses, figurines and starry lights will transform your unused windowsill into a Christmas scene that even the outside world can enjoy.

Light it up
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There’s nothing quite like basking in the glow of warm light to make you feel Christmassy. Work lights into all your displays and garland. Using command hooks, you can even string them across the room for that grotto-style effect.

Make your table festive
- Image credit: M&S

If you’re hosting Christmas in your rental property, then table decorations are a must. Try adding some natural greenery as a centrepiece and incorporating your candle display (see above). A tabletop tree and fresh crockery and cutlery will make it extra special. 

What about the tree?

- Image credit: M&S

The Christmas tree is the ultimate investment for any home, owned or rented. Whether you love a real fir or are content with an artificial one, it’s important you choose one suitable for the space. It should be small enough so that it doesn’t scuff the walls or damage the flooring or ceiling. Keep in mind that real trees have the added issue of shedding needles, which could be problematic if any get wedged in between floorboards.

Instead of squashing a tall, real pine in your smaller flat, consider a smaller, artificial tree. With a snowy effect and pre-arranged warm LED bulbs, it’s an easy way to add a quintessential piece of Christmas into any room without finding needles for months to come. 

Of course, you don’t have to go for a traditional tree to add merriment to the home. There are plenty of Christmas tree alternatives, from sleek metal creations to Scandi-inspired wooden sculptures.

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Faye deGavre

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