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New Ways to Make Your Listings Stand Out

To help buyers realise the full potential of the property, step up your listing game with these 5 methods.

Faye deGavre


Sep 26, 2022


4 min read

New Ways to Make Your Listings Stand Out

Homes are now a catchall. They’re where we rest, sleep, they’ve become our offices, our favourite restaurants, gyms and more. Even in this post-pandemic space, homes are more than just dwellings. As a result, it’s important to market them as more than that. While many Estate Agents have already caught onto this, let’s recap some new ways to help buyers realise the full potential of the property.

Head outside

Even set among the murky grey clouds of Britain, head outside and snap some pictures. Whether it’s a porch or patio, consider staging outdoor areas with patio furniture or lawn toys to show buyers there’s a place to unwind and relax. It’s a good idea to highlight potential areas of play for kids or pets.

Stage for possibilities

When potential buyers look at the photos of your property, they want to see a beautiful home, not a vacant one. Help them imagine the possibilities with the space.

For example, as more people transition to a remote/hybrid work-from-home environment, many are left setting up shop at the kitchen island or dining room table. If you’re able to stage the second or spare bedroom, think about offering it up as an office space. If there’s no separate room for an office, get creative with the nooks and crannies to help buyers see the opportunity of multiple working spaces.

Interview the sellers

Who knows the property you’re trying to sell better than the current owners? They’ve lived in it, experienced all of its perks and can tell you what to highlight in your description. Gather some information before you work on the listing paragraph – such as what’s the neighbourhood like, the residents’ favourite room and little things they love about the property.

Tell a story

Once you’ve got a few pointers about the property, it’s time to craft the story in the property description. Simply listing the property information may be boring for the buyer, so work to create a more human-centric paragraph. Hook the potential buyer with a catchy opening line. Talk about the features of the property and what that means for the people living in it.

Communicate what photos cannot

Although you’re going to add pictures to highlight the property in the listings, it’s important to add information that can’t be covered with 3D tours and images. Whether that’s local school catchments, proximity to entertainment or what materials were used to build the property. It may also be necessary to include some details about upgrades to major systems as well as any warranties.

There we have it: the latest ways to update your property listings. Give them a try and see which ones work for you.

Faye deGavre

Content Writer