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6 Lesser-Known Ways an Interior Designer Can Help You

Incredible interior design doesn’t happen by chance. Step back and allow an interior designer to transform your space. Did you know these surprising ways they can help?

Faye deGavre


Sep 16, 2021


5 min read

6 Lesser-Known Ways an Interior Designer Can Help You

We’re a nation obsessed with interior design. From touring multi-million-pound homes foraging for alt-version of our lives, to numerous interior design shows on TV, we love to sink our teeth into beautifully designed spaces. Yet, when we’re looking to reconfigure the kitchen, sort bedroom storage and overhaul the living room, we often shy away from the professionals who make short work of the transformation – the interior designers.

There has long been an assumption that interior design services are only for the super-wealthy. However, interior design has boomed across the nation, with many looking for short-term and affordable services. It’s now much more common for homeowners in any price bracket to enlist the help of an interior designer. Just take a look at these surprising ways they can help.

What does an interior designer do? Here are 7 ways they can help

Take on smaller projects
- Image credit: Kitecreative

Many homeowners swerve interior designers because they think the project is too small to warrant the professional touch. However, interior designers today are accustomed to taking on smaller projects as well as large renovation-style tasks. If you only want or can only afford to overhaul one room a year, an interior designer can help configure one space at a time.

Save money
- Image credit: Patricia Brito

Ever bought a piece of furniture that looked good in the store only to find it didn’t fit the space when you got it home? Or painted the wall two different colours before you got it right? It may seem like an oxymoron but hiring an interior designer will help you avoid costly mistakes.

In any space, designers have the expert eye that can spot an obvious solution or an expensive error that we amateurs overlook. And if you’re on a tight budget, a designer will put all their tools to the test to get the best value out of what you can spend.

Give you a boost to be brave
- Image credit: LitterArty Ltd

You’ve seen something you like the look of in Property Playground, but your friends and family aren’t sure. Well, when you have the aid of an interior designer, they can advise on the concept, fit it to your style and explain why the idea will work. In many ways, their interior design ideas push you to make bolder and braver choices to take your home to the next level.

Tap into your taste
- Image credit: Tracey Mannell Interior Design

Whether your style is jewel-toned glam, barely-there Scandi chic, or worn and rustic, an interior designer will take your lead. They want to learn about your favourite style, fixtures, lighting and colours to capture the aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of. Help convey your style by curating a bank of inspirational images and saving them on your Property Playground profile.

But more than that, the designer will want to know how you use the space. Sometimes, people don’t always see what’s hindering function, and an interior designer can help solve the riddle so you feel more at home.

Choose colours
- Image credit: Haynes Interiors

Skilful use of colour can overhaul a room, from bright sofas to gently hued walls and loud décor. Colour is so important to a space, and because colours can impact our mood and emotions, it’s worth getting them right. An interior designer harnesses the power of the colour wheel to create the right connotation, whether it’s relaxing or energising, loud or neutral.

Manage the whole project
- Image credit: Run for the Hills

Work, family commitments and just running a home is a lot to juggle. Add in hours of designing rooms, and sooner or later, you’ll drop the ball somewhere. Hiring an interior designer is a sure way to get things moving without sacrificing too much time.

A designer knows how to speak the language of architects and contractors – crucial in managing time and money. Strong communication between all teams is vital, and an interior designer can help take this off your plate.

A little professional input goes a long way

Even a few hours from an interior designer near you can make a huge difference. Find the right designer for your needs – here’s how to get started. From inspiration to professionals, furniture and décor, you can find it all on the Property Playground. Happy overhauling!

- Header image credit: Manu Interiors

Faye deGavre

Content Writer