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On-Trend Yet Timeless Home Décor Accessories You Need

Dreaming of giving your home décor a well-deserved update? Get your hands on these stylish home décor accessories to spruce up your space.

Faye deGavre


Jul 22, 2021


4 min read

On-Trend Yet Timeless Home Décor Accessories You Need

Whether it’s one of our mansion tours or a stylish living space on Property Playground, there’s something all impeccably decorated rooms have in common: no matter the style, they all look polished and put together. You know it when you see it, but that perfectly finished feel can be hard to pinpoint if your living room is lacking that je ne sais quoi.

Whether you have a blank canvas or a basic space that desperately needs an injection of style, must-have home décor accessories help to add character, style and layers to your abode. From upgrading lighting to investing in throw cushions and abstract artwork, it’s the small touches that tie a space together to create the ultimate sanctuary.

Home décor essentials


- Image credit: Cox & Cox

Flower vases are the most romantic way to add dazzle to any corner of the home. There are so many vases to choose from now, whether you go for clay, wood, metal or ceramic for your modern, boho or minimalist style. Statement vases take centre stage on sideboards, dining tables, coffee tables, shelves and more.

Now, what to put in vases? You can’t go wrong with a dried flower bouquet for a rustic, toned-down approach. Pampas grass is a favourite to add to characterful vases. Dried or preserved blooms in an eye-catching vase is a stunning (and long-lasting) way to bring texture and beauty into your home. Within the last year, online searches for ‘pampas grass’ grew by 5,000%, and specifically ‘pampas grass vase’ grew by 1,950%. It’s safe to say there is hot demand for this feathery plume.

Area rugs that add more

- Image credit: Cox & Cox

One of the most overlooked, but arguably essential, home décor accessories is a rug. Many interior designers will tell you that an appropriately large area rug is one of the fundamentals in any room – especially the living room. They serve so many uses – defining zones, softening flooring and adding warmth. Natural, overdyed and shaggy rugs are particularly on trend and as much a part of creating a well-styled space as any other accessory. 

Accent lighting 

- Image credit: B&Q

Few things are as integral to a room’s atmosphere as lighting. And nothing quite spoils the mood like an overbearing overhead light. Lamps (both floor and tabletop) create cosy, well-lit areas and contribute to the overall style and feel of your room.

While lamps provide functional light to a space, they can also be quite a fashion statement. Ultra-modern overarching floor lamps, ceiling pendants and rattan table lamps are all favourites, so it really depends on the style you’re going for. 

This standing lamp is perfect for filling those void corners of a room and adding height to a space.

Throw pillows for all occasions

- Image credit: Cox & Cox

If you ask us, there’s no better way to get bang for your buck when decorating than by adding the almighty throw cushion. Both practical and pretty, decorative cushions can be placed on chairs and sofas, and are a great way to introduce a new colour palette into a room or add more texture. 

Whether you go for a William Morris print or a solid colour, a well-crafted cushion is just the solution for breathing new life into a tired sofa. For that coveted, lived-in vibe, resist the urge to go for matchy-matchy cushions and, instead, break it up by seeking out a variety of solids and patterns that play well together.


- Image credit: Cox & Cox

Storage baskets are, simply, must-have home décor essentials. And we’ve never met a basket we haven’t liked. Big or small, natural weave or colourful, these are wonderful at keeping smaller items organised. Rattan, wicker, wire and bamboo baskets are cheap, lightweight and offer a storage solution you finally don’t have to hide (after all, when was the last time you showed off your clear plastic bins?). 

We love this natural white and beige design, ideal for every interior scheme.

Abstract wall art 

- Image credit: Cox & Cox

So often when decorating, we focus on what’s on the floor and neglect our walls. But these are large canvases, primed for creativity and without it, your bare walls can be left feeling rather bleak. One large-scale canvas or a collection of smaller frames will make a strong statement in the space and showcase your personality.

While art is definitely in the eye of the beholder, abstract art that steps off the beaten path is a popular trend not going anywhere. 

- Image credit: Cox & Cox

Graphic line drawings of faces and bodies are a popular interior design trend in 2021 that we’re seeing in posters, sculptures and pillows. In fact, searches for line drawings of faces and body silhouettes soared by 120% in the last year. We love these two framed abstract nude art prints, which you can hang on the wall or place on a sideboard.

Ocean fauna and flora figures

- Image credit: Cox & Cox

Somewhat of a wild card, yet all things ocean can work seamlessly in every style. In 2020, we saw a lot of home décor accessories inspired by the sea, especially shell-shaped vases and bowls. Now, we’re really riding the wave of this beautiful trend, but with a twist on material. Natural materials are favoured, with irregular shapes that add imperfectly perfect finishing touches to the interior. 

Kit out your home

Choosing timeless pieces will ensure you don’t just buy something that will have to sit in storage for six months of the year. On Property Playground you can find transformative, must-have home décor from top retailers. Start exploring and upload your own photos to share as inspiration with the community.

Faye deGavre

Content Writer