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Top Terrace Garden Ideas for a Stylish, Private Plot of Paradise

Think you can’t do much with your garden? Think again. These terrace house garden ideas will turn your long, narrow garden into a paradise for you to enjoy.

Faye deGavre


Aug 26, 2021


3 min read

Top Terrace Garden Ideas for a Stylish, Private Plot of Paradise

With many terraced properties butting up against each other in cities and towns across the country, our gardens aren’t always as private as we’d like. Often, homeowners find it difficult to make the most of their terraced house garden space, especially if the outdoor area is long, narrow or just too small. Using the Goldilocks combination of solid structures and strategic planting that’s ‘just right’, here’s how to set up a terrace garden that’s private, stylish and maximises every inch of your outdoor space.

Our top terrace house garden ideas

Blur the boundary by planting
- Image credit: Mylandscapes

Townhouse gardens with a narrow plot have a fairly standard format: a lawn in the middle with plants around the edges. However, that makes them look smaller as it clearly defines the boundaries. Planting an array of species in clumps blurs the edges of the fences and end of the garden because the eye doesn’t quite know where the garden ends.

- Image credit: Simon Orchard Garden Design

A sprawling garden may be ideal for that one day a year you host family sports day, but to make the most of the space, you need to create hidden areas and cosy hideaways. How to divide a long narrow garden? Split your garden into sections (eat, play, relax, etc.) and use bamboo screens, paths and walls of foliage to separate each one off. Because your eye can’t see everything in one go, the space automatically looks and feels larger.

Plant in verticals
- Image credit: Simon Orchard Garden Design

One clever method to help your narrow plot look bigger is to use vertical gardening. While living walls are beautiful, they require a professional’s touch to ensure they stay watered and fed.

A cheaper option is to use creepers like Trachelospermum (star jasmine) to climb the fences of your terrace house garden. Over time, they will scatter over the fence panels, softening the garden’s boundary and providing more privacy.

Another option is to plant trees along the fence, pruning beneath the fence line and letting the tops grow tall so they stand above the fence for ultimate seclusion.

Create cover and shade
- Image credit: B&Q

A covered area is a wonderful way to seek shade and privacy in your outdoor space. Slatted designs allow you to enjoy filtered light and the view, but make it harder for neighbours to see in. On those bright summer days, you’ll be glad you went for a pergola.

Be clever with furniture
- Image credit: Jane Harries Garden Designs

The long, narrow garden may accommodate large and bulky seating, but too much or the wrong type can clutter and take up valuable space. Bistro sets provide a wonderfully stylish European aesthetic to any narrow plot, with the added bonus that they don’t take up too much room. Croissants and coffee for breakfast, anyone?

Do away with the lawn
- Image credit: Georgia Lindsay Garden Design

Having a lawn in a garden is a quintessential aspect of British gardening. Yet, long, narrow gardens can be transformed without the need for a lawn. Instead, winding cobbled paths, deep beds and lush planting whisk you away into a jungle far from city lights. This step entirely depends on your needs; pets or children often call for this green patch.

Source your garden inspiration

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- Header image credit: Simon Orchard Garden Design

Faye deGavre

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