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6 Sure Signs You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Wondering if you could do something better with the space in your home? There are some situations when it pays to hire an interior designer.

Faye deGavre


Oct 12, 2021


5 min read

6 Sure Signs You Should Hire an Interior Designer

There’s a reason we use the word ‘dream’ when we talk about our dream homes; they’re not quite a reality yet. When you’re juggling work, family and a social life, designing the space often falls to the wayside. But your dream home doesn’t need to be so far out of reach.

No matter how design-savvy you are or how many collections you have saved on Property Playground, sometimes it takes a professional to get your ideas over the finish line. There are a few occasions when hiring an interior designer ( is necessary to complete your dream home designs – and here’s a few of them.

Signs it’s time to hire an interior designer

You and your partner can’t agree

William Morris-esque wallpaper calls out to you and you want to splash it across the walls. Your partner thinks it’s stuffy and old-fashioned. That’s okay, it’s rare for every couple to be in agreement in every design decision. In such a situation where you clash and can’t meet in a middle ground, an interior designer acts as a mediator, using their professional knowledge to advise creative compromises.

Even if you both see eye to eye on everything, renovating a home puts considerable stress and strain on a relationship. If there isn’t a pro to handle disagreements, suggest compromises and oversee contractors, tension can build.

- Image credit: Catriona Archer Interiors
There’s an unused room

Is it known as the ‘spare room’ officially, but unofficially it’s the ‘junk room’ or ‘storage closet’? It’s time to think about how you can utilise that space for something useful. Whether you need to declutter or install some smart storage solutions, an interior designer can help restore function to the space. If there’s a dead space in your house and you’re not sure what to do with it, get a professional opinion.

You’re short on time

Sometimes, there are just not enough hours in the day to spend browsing designs, making decisions, sourcing materials and keeping contractors on track. When you don’t have the time to renovate or redesign, it’s important to hire an interior designer to ensure your dreams become a reality – otherwise, they’ll likely never happen.

Even if you don’t need an interior designer’s full services, you can find a professional to help you make decisions as you go along.

- Image credit: My Bespoke Room
You’re unsure about ideas

Whether you lack design confidence or you’re overwhelmed with too many ideas, an interior designer can help distil down what you like, don’t like and what will work in the space. They’ll look to understand your tastes and lifestyle, your home and function of the room. Then they’ll take all of those elements into consideration and suggest a design that works on a practical and aesthetic level.

They may even push you a little (or a lot!) out of your comfort zone – so give yourself a bit of time to absorb it. You may end up loving it.

Your kitchen or bathroom is outdated

Do you remember the last time you updated your kitchen or bathroom? If you can’t recall when you last gave some TLC to these spaces, it could be time to remodel. New fittings and fixtures, colour scheme and hardware transform these practical spaces into areas you can enjoy more. 

Because there are many designs to choose from and multiple decisions to make, an interior designer helps to narrow everything down and make the process easy. Keep in mind that a remodel will help increase your home’s value (even if you’re not looking to sell just yet).

- Image credit: INTERIORS:designed
It’s your forever home

You’ve put down roots and are building a house for you and your family long-term. It’s somewhere you’re willing to invest in to ensure it fits your unique needs and where you can grow.

When you hire an interior designer for your forever home, they work to understand your needs, future goals and how the home can be moulded to tick your boxes. They’ll also make suggestions for the long term, focusing more on timeless designs and pieces and steering you away from one-off trends.

Source inspiration and find an interior designer

If you’ve invested a good chunk of money into your home, it should be showcased to look its very best. Hiring an interior designer is your best chance at maximising form and function in one swift move.

And how do you find an interior designer? When you’re ready to source inspiration and find an interior designer to bring your home improvement ideas to life, you can do it all on the Property Playground. Save ideas, upload photos and connect with retailers and professionals to turn your vision into a reality.

- Header image credit: Alta Design

Faye deGavre

Content Writer