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How to Refresh Any Room in a Weekend

Short on time? Don’t let that hold you back. Give any room in your house an overhaul this weekend.

Faye deGavre


Mar 03, 2022


3 min read

How to Refresh Any Room in a Weekend

Does your bedroom need a refresh? Is your living room looking unloved? All too often, we think of home makeovers as requiring serious time and money. But for those of us short on time and even shorter on cash, a mini overhaul can transform the living areas. Whichever room is next on your decorating to-do list, we’ve got lots of little wins to help you get sorted in just one weekend.


- Image credit: My Bespoke Room
  • Give your cabinets a facelift

Painting your cabinets could take days, so instead, focus on quick upgrades such as replacing handles and knobs. It’s quicker and easier to tackle this project if you can use the original screw holes, so pick up hardware that’s compatible with your existing setup.


- Image credit: La Redoute
  • Amp up the storage

Entryways and hallways have a lot coming and going, with a healthy amount of coats and shoes to accommodate. If you haven’t done so already, find a bench or landing strip that you can use to hold items and place the post and keys. Ideally, you’ll have enough space for a storage seat that can use to perch to put on your shoes and to stash your stuff.

If you don’t have space for all that, jazz up your coat rack and add an extra shelf or two. If you’re really tight on space or living in a rental, use Command hooks that can be put up without even breaking out a hammer.


- Image credit: Furniture in Fashion
  • Add extra illumination

The bedroom is where you can play with all manner of mood lighting. Soften the space with brass lamps that pull out all the warm tones that are soothing and relaxing. For a cheaper, quicker idea, you could swap a set or two of string lights above your bed to add a cosy but interesting element.

Living room

- Image credit: NUX x DESIGN
  • Shake up the floor plan

Reconfiguring a furniture layout can make a room look and feel completely different. If you have a view of the outdoors, make sure it’s visible from each seat. If you can’t move the sofa, play around with the accent chairs. Shop another room in your home for a floor lamp or side table and make a swap.

If you’re in a small space that’s already configured, try pulling the furniture away from the walls. Just a few inches of extra space around bulky pieces can open up the area more than you’d think. Try adding a mirror to bounce light around the room too.


- Image credit: BC Designs INT
  • Liven up the linens

First things first, clean up the bathroom. A bit of scrubbing and tidying goes a long way in a W.C. Next, focus on what you see when you walk in the room – the shower curtain, bath mat, hand towels. Swapping these out for fresh pieces will make the biggest impact.

Dining room

- Image credit: Laura Passey Interiors
  • Style a bar cart

If you have an unused corner or a sparse wall in the dining room, consider introducing a stylish drinks trolley, kitted out with mixology accoutrements for visual interest.

Style your home in a weekend

This weekend, go for it. Even a small change can bring about a burst of new energy into your home. There’s no time like the present (or, you know, Saturday and Sunday) to break out of your decorating rut.

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- Header image credit: My Bespoke Room

Faye deGavre

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