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How to Find an Interior Designer (Who’s Right for You)

The process of hiring an interior designer can be a mysterious one to the uninitiated. Well, allow us to remove the cloak and dagger so you can find an interior designer who speaks the language of your dreams.

Faye deGavre


Jul 09, 2021


6 min read

How to Find an Interior Designer (Who’s Right for You)

Overhauling a space can be a lot of fun – but it takes some serious work to make it happen. Whether you’re moving into a new home or redoing the entire ground floor, there are some projects that you should hand off to a professional. Hiring an interior designer dissolves stress while maximising your space in both style and function. 

With all the tricks of the trade at their fingertips, they’re well-equipped to transform your property from drab to grab-the-keys-we’re-staying. To truly enhance your day-to-day living, here’s how to hire and find an interior designer.

Decide how much help you need

You know you want to find a pro, but what do you need help with? If it’s a new-to-you property, you may want to overhaul everything. If you’re looking to spruce up your current abode, you may just need a little dusting of magic to polish the flow and furniture. Make these decisions early on in the game so when you reach out to potential designers, you avoid giving vague, finger-in-the-air details. Instead, let them know what rooms or areas you want to address so they can better focus their efforts.

- Image credit: An Artful Life

Create a vision board

Save all your favourite interior styles, colour palettes, finishes, furniture and layouts so a designer can understand your style. Design is visual, so let yourself be inspired by past projects. Even if it’s not exactly what you had in mind, an interior designer will be able to lift out what you like about the image. 

There are so many places to draw inspiration – and that can even connect you with interior designers that created your favourite, inspiring spaces. On Property Playground, you can scour local interior designer portfolios and find some great inspirational photos for your projects as well. 

Create a budget

How much have you set aside for the interior design? The key here is not to spread your cash too thin. If you only have a couple of thousand pounds to work with, focus on a couple of rooms rather than tackling the entire 4-bed house. You can always move onto more rooms once you’ve replenished your coffers (which will be cheaper than trying to half-complete the rest of your home).

Be wary of comparing interior designers on price alone. The cheapest quote isn’t necessarily the best one. Compare services, timeline and quality.

- Image credit: Fallowgrey Interiors

Get to know them

Hiring an interior designer that turns your vision into reality is like finding a partner – it’s not going to work if there’s no chemistry. The process of finding the right person or team is deeply personal, so it’s important that you not only like their previous work but that they understand your aesthetic. Many designers will ask a series of questions to cover as much ground as possible about aesthetics and the proposed function of the area. In many cases, they become privy to personal elements of your lifestyle. 

Your personalities should mesh well, so ask questions and be curious. Some good questions to ask an interior designer before hiring are:

  • How would you describe your signature style?
  • What interior design services do you offer?
  • What are your qualifications? (The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) has a list of accredited members, and an online guide to the different qualifications.)
  • Can you work with my budget?
  • Can you work with my much-loved items I’ve collected over the years?
  • How do you structure your projects?
  • How much involvement is required from me?
  • Have you done similar projects?
  • Can I see references?
  • How does your interior design process work?
- Image credit: Claudia Urvois Interior Design

Let your designer guide you

Even for the most creative minds and fashion-forward people, hiring an interior designer makes your project come to life. They know how to make dinky corners work and inherited furniture blend into the space. They have experience perfecting flow and function, forming a space that not only looks good but remains practical for years to come. 

The most interesting outcome you will end up with is when you’re faced with a new direction that you had never thought of before. Ultimately, you want to be working with someone you have more faith in than yourself – because that retro lamp or sofa placement flips the space from good to great.

- Image credit: Clare Elise Interiors

Enjoy your new home

If you’ve invested a good chunk of money into your home, it should be showcased it to look its very best. Hiring an interior designer means that the refresh will be well thought out from the get-go. Above all, have fun and trust your designer. When you’re ready to source inspiration and find an interior designer to bring your home improvement ideas to life, you can do it all on the Property Playground.

Faye deGavre

Content Writer