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Clever Ideas to Make Open Plan Work for Everyone

A hallmark of modern living, here’s how to make the open-plan timeless trend work for your space.

Faye deGavre


Sep 27, 2022


3 min read

Clever Ideas to Make Open Plan Work for Everyone

An open-plan scheme is a natural choice for so many social, modern living spaces. It’s a floor plan that offers true staying power with adaptability for families of all sizes. For young families, it facilitates a free-flowing floor plan with the kitchen island as a parental command centre. For young couples, the loft-like atmosphere conveys a whiff of bohemianism. For competitive cooks, it offers a stage. For home sellers, it photographs well (‘How airy!’), and it offers a wonderful sense of togetherness that a handful of smaller rooms can’t provide.

From a large, airy hub fit for the whole family to a multitasking studio apartment setup, here’s how to win in open-plan design, no matter the size or style of your home. 

Design around the daily needs

Image credit: AB Design Studio

Before making any renovations to the house, start by considering how you’ll use the room from day to night. Do you want to make the ultimate entertaining space? A relaxing haven for cosy nights in? A central room where you can cook and eat while keeping a trained eye on the kids? An open-plan layout can be a real wow factor to a house, but the space should work for you and your family’s needs.

Not only should it work for you now but consider your changing needs in the future. A little more time spent making it future-proof will serve you well down the line.

Call in the pros

Image credit: Decorelm

If you’re planning on knocking down walls to accommodate a new open-plan scheme, then you’ll need to help make the job a success. Call in the professionals to design and complete the work to a high standard and ensure that load-bearing walls are retained, and space is maximised to suit your family. Consider hiring an architect, builder, structural engineer and interior designer to ensure your space is safe and stylish.

Make an impact with zones

Image credit: David Phillips Furniture

While these living spaces are designed to be free-flowing, you’ll still want to create separate areas for different purposes and functions. Also known as ‘broken-plan living’, this zoned layout creates spaces for certain functions while connecting the spaces. A few clever interior design tricks to create zones are rugs, paint and wallpaper, and floor materials. To stretch your budget, you could also position sofas and free-standing furniture to make subtle decorative differences.

Connect to the garden

Image credit: Idealcombi UK

Floor-to-ceiling glazing isn’t just useful for drawing natural light indoors. By introducing a seamless transition from the dining/living room and garden, you create a more cohesive (and extended) space. Your garden will instantly become an extension of your interior, enhancing the space. To make the transition even more seamless, match the internal and external flooring.

Make lighting striking

Image credit: HebeCreation

One of the major advantages of open spaces is that they’re inherently brighter. Whether you have a wall of windows, a roof lantern or skylights, there is plenty of potential to introduce more natural light. Not only that, but you can make the decision to introduce more bold lighting throughout the space as the larger room will be able to handle it.

Keep thoroughfares clear

Image credit: Akiva Projects

An open-plan room is often a busy place with a lot of foot traffic. Keep floors and walkthroughs clear by making full use of wall space for appliances and shelves. Additionally, establish clear and clutter-free routes with zoning and well-placed furniture. Slimline and round furnishings are particularly good if you have young children. 

Find your affordable interior designs

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or want to know how to make your space look more beautiful to enjoy it, make sure to utilise these interior design tips.

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Faye deGavre

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