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Autumn Home Décor and Design Trends We Adore

The same old autumn home design? We won’t be milking that old chestnut. Take a peek at the latest seasonal trends and decorations we’re loving.

Faye deGavre


Sep 28, 2021


3 min read

Autumn Home Décor and Design Trends We Adore

The verdict is in: cosy fabrics, earthy tones and structural accents are dominating autumn home design. And since autumn is a time when your home needs a little extra warmth, colour and an easy atmosphere to snuggle up and cosy down, we thought we’d share our favourite autumn home décor finds.

How to decorate your home for autumn

To help you decorate your space for autumn, let’s take a look at a few of the latest 2021 autumn home trends we’re loving.

  • An earthy palette

brick wall interior
- Image credit: Space Group Architects

Anything with an earthy, rich tone is going to set the stage for autumn. Even the word ‘autumn’ evokes a warm glow of orange (think falling leaves, pumpkins and early sunsets). Rightly so, and you’ll start seeing shades of red, amber, brown and yellow creep back into homes and shops.

For 2021, shades of terracotta, sandstone and burnt orange are the favourites. This seasonal colour palette will add warmth and cosiness, but they also have great staying power to look good year-round.

  • Cosy fabrics

green velvet chair
- Image credit: Cox & Cox

On a crisp autumnal night, there’s nothing better than cocooning yourself in all things soft. This year, there’s a bit of play on comforting fabrics to draw a more relaxed feel while keeping the space sophisticated and chic. Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to achieve. Add tactile elements like a cosy loveseat, faux fur blankets and plush cushions.

  • Organic textures

autumnal decor in living room
- Image credit: Alta Design

It’s Mother Nature’s time to shine. Bring the outside in with natural, organic textures, such as rattan lampshades, jute rugs and wooden accents. Layering various textures and shades of neutral taupe creates a comforting environment – and gives you the opportunity to splash vivid orange or red as you please. For an autumnal scene that will make the set of When Harry Met Sally green with envy, place foraged twigs in vases.

  • Structural shapes

home vase
- Image credit: Cox & Cox

Throughout this year, we’ve seen a lot more creativity when it comes to bringing art sculptures into the home. While large showcase pieces are great, we’re talking about touches that even the smallest of spaces can handle: candle holders, vases, shelves and table ornaments. These structural shapes are often scaled back and dressed in neutral colours. It’s art deco meets modern design, and it’s a hit with us.

Go nuts for autumn home design

So let’s raise a mug of mulled cider to the season of decorating. Now you know how to decorate your home for autumn, you can find all your autumn home decorations on the Property Playground. And if you’re in need of an expert eye to help design the space, you can find a local interior designer there too. Happy autumn decorating!

- Header image credit: Sue Vaughton Photography & Design

Faye deGavre

Content Writer