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2022 Interior Design Trends to Bring Into Your Home

In the new year, we’re looking to trends as a way of life, not just what’s hot right now.

Faye deGavre


Dec 13, 2021


5 min read

2022 Interior Design Trends to Bring Into Your Home

This last year and a half have brought about so much change, both inside and out of the home. Since the lockdowns kept so many of us stuck inside, it really inspired us to make the most of our space. As life slowly returns to normal, our new routines and way of life shape our interior demands. Let’s welcome 2022 with new energy – and new home interiors. 

Interior design trends for 2022 are mostly aimed at creating relaxing, comfortable spaces. They’re about transforming your space into a cosy living area with an adaptable atmosphere that can switch from work to rest to play to entertainment and other everyday activities. 

Top 5 interior design trends for 2022

Natural materials
- Image credit: NUA x DESIGN

Hold onto your wicker baskets. Nature and all things raw and organic are still part of the main narrative of this year. But this intrinsic connection between the outside world and humans run so deep that it’s so much more than a trend that dips in and out of fashion. The reality is that our love for natural elements inside the home will likely never fade. 

Materials such as linen, cotton, rattan and bamboo are used to create an organic and calming environment in homes. These organic elements help to create a balance in our overly computer-connected lives. Sustainability is trending and will only become more important in the upcoming years. 

So go on, embrace woven baskets, linen blinds and cotton cushions.

Curvy furniture
- Image credit: Fallowgrey Interiors

Unlike past trends of clean, sharp edges and modern lines, 2022 will introduce more rounded shapes in furniture, lighting and décor. The softness of rounded furniture pieces make the space feel more casual and inviting without sacrificing elegance. From sofas to tables, bookcases and more, there are many ways to introduce curves into your interior design.

Living room bars
- Image credit: Laura Passey Interiors Ltd

There’s a potential for a bar cabinet and drink trolley to be a significant addition to living rooms. This trend started during the first lockdown of 2020 but has grown rapidly as more people acquire bar accessories or make use of that unused alcove. This clever use of space provides a real purpose – one that all adults can enjoy. 

Rooms that serve
- Image credit: Raison Home UK 

For over a year, our homes have been a place of work of recreation. They’ve been our office, dining places, relaxing spaces, hobby areas and even the gym. Rooms that can serve more than one purpose are incredibly important, particularly when it comes to office space. 

Single-use spaces are a thing that belongs to the past. Making the most of every nook and corner, there are plenty of ways to adapt spaces into multifunctional spaces that can host business and recreation all in one.

Multifunctional furniture
- Image credit: La Redoute

With multifunctional spaces on the rise, it’s no surprise that this will also affect the furniture design. From fold-away desks to multipurpose daybeds and outdoor furniture, you have to think smart. Your main aim should be to create an easy-flowing space with high functionality but also provide comfort.  

- Image credit: Little Black Hat Art Gallery

The forecast is that indoor plants are here to stay for the next few years as people continue to add a touch of nature indoors. While real plants have the benefit of cleaning the air, that doesn’t mean you need to spend all your free time watering. Faux plants have come a long way in recent years, and there are plenty of lifelike artificial monsteras, rubber plants and string of pearls to place around your space.

Embrace 2022’s interior design trends

Which of the 2022 interior design trends are you most excited about? Upgrading your living spaces is a fun and creative process that can rely on the latest designs and furniture pieces. As always, consider your own personal aesthetic, house size and location before following interior trends. And if you need a little guidance, reach out to a local interior designer. They’d be more than happy to help transform your home.

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Faye deGavre

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