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Boomin...Moving to the Coast: What You Should Know Before a Seaside Relocation

Moving to the Coast: What You Should Know Before a Seaside Relocation

With a wonderfully diverse coastline, here’s what you should know before relocating beachside.

Faye deGavre


Sep 14, 2022


7 min read

Moving to the Coast: What You Should Know Before a Seaside Relocation

The sea lapping at your feet. Wild swimming before work. The unapparelled sunsets spanning across the horizon. Visiting the coast holds so many benefits. There’s something incredibly soothing about being by the sea, so it’s no surprise that coastal towns are attracting more interest from people who fancy living somewhere more peaceful.

The coast of England is so varied. From buzzy Brighton to quaint Cornwall, lively Liverpool or exciting Tynemouth, there are some wonderful coastal towns in the UK that offer you a slice of seaside beauty. For generations, the allure of the coast has inspired many to seek a better standard of living right next to the sea. This trend continues today as city dwellers look to exchange their metropolitan lifestyle for a pad in easy reach of a beach and a slower pace of life.

However, simply relocating can be a daunting and complex process. With most things in life, it’s easier to make life-changing decisions when you have more information. So, before you throw in the city towel for a beach towel, here’s what you should know.

The advantages of living by the sea

  • The quality of life. The sum of all other advantages of living on the coast, your quality of life will improve in many different ways.
  • Healthier lifestyle. From the fresh salt air to wide-open spaces, living near the sea gives you an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle. It encourages you to get outside, enjoy a walk or partake in some water sports, or even have a reflective, meditative walk along the sand.
  • The beach. One of the biggest reasons to move to a beach town is to be near the ocean at any time of the year. Living on the coast allows you to spend your free time relaxing at the beach, making new friends, taking up a new hobby and enjoying all that a seascape has to offer.
  • Slower living. While many coastal towns are as cosmopolitan and lively as a city, if you’re moving from the city to the sea, there may be a noticeable slower pace of life, which helps to reduce stress in your daily life. Of course, this depends on where you choose to live.

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Additional things to note:

  • Be prepared to find sand in your home and car. If you’ve ever visited the beach you know that you’re often finding grains of sand in your pockets, shoes and home for weeks. Get ready – once you live in a beach town, you’ll find sand everywhere, regardless of how often you meticulously clean.
  • Expect crowds of holidaymakers. During the summer months, hordes of people descend upon unsuspecting beach towns in search of some summer fun. Be prepared to see more people and cars in your town and for crowded beaches and longer queues in the shops and petrol stations.
  • Prepare for cold winters. With strong sea winds and frigid air, the temperatures can dip by the coast, especially in winter. When moving to the coast, be sure to invest in a good winter jacket and thermals.
  • Act quickly in the property market. Many of us love to be by the sea, so it stands to reason that homes on the coast are not only in demand but are competitive on the market. Property, whether renting or buying, can be expensive in coastal regions. If you're eager to move to the coast, be sure to get there first by using the latest tools on Boomin.

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Coastal areas are in demand

Coastal areas in the UK tend to remain in high demand throughout the seasons and years, only encouraged by the pandemic when more people wanted to retreat out of their urban dwellings.

In 2021, Isle of Man, Rhos-on-Sea (a Welsh seaside town), Allonby, Cornwall and Thorpeness in Suffolk were highly-searched locations. This was seen to be a consequence of people looking near coastal areas as they spent time working from home.

Larger homes by the coast or in the countryside have proven to be the sweet spot in the market as people look to trade up for extra rooms, a garage or a garden. This, coupled with the stunning landscapes, can lure in those looking for their own slice of coastal property. If your home falls into this category, take advantage and consider listing your property for sale.

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Find your next home

With these tips for moving to the coast, you’re better prepared for your next leap. From seaside villas to smart flats, there are plenty of coastal properties to suit you. Take a peek at the most affordable areas to rent and buy in Brighton.

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