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How Homebuyers Can Get Ahead of the Competition

You’ve got the mortgage deposit and paperwork in order and you’re ready to buy a house. But other eager homebuyers are hot on your heels. Here’s how to get yourself an edge over others.

Faye deGavre


Sep 01, 2021


4 min read

How Homebuyers Can Get Ahead of the Competition

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about buying a home? Perhaps there’s a house, street or neighbourhood you’ve always had your eye on. Maybe you long for a simplified house buying process in this fast-paced market. Fortunately, by jumping the queue and getting ahead of other buyers, you could find the right home. But how can you stay one step ahead in such a hot market? Here are a few secrets to help.

How to get ahead in the process of buying a house

  • Dial down expectations

Dispel the myth of the ‘dream home’. The right home for you is the one that you can afford in an area that you like. While you should like the property, it’s not always realistic for it to tick every box on your wish list. In many cases, you’ll have to compromise and make changes to the home. In the process of buying a house, aim to be pragmatic over romantic (sorry for the tough love).

  • Organise your finances

If you want to move in on a house quickly, you’ll need to be a prepared buyer. That means getting your finances in order by securing an agreement in principle (if you need a mortgage) and readying proof of earnings and the deposit. Preparing all of this means that people will take you more seriously. Agents and sellers see this status as a sign of serious intent rather than someone who is simply browsing the market.

  • Act with speed

The UK property market is hugely competitive, especially now with many motivated homebuyers. Houses with realistic asking prices and in move-in condition will always sell quickly. Some homebuyers, especially those trading up, don’t want to buy a project and are willing to pay a premium for a property where all the dirty work is done. If you fall into this category, then you need to move fast when making an offer.

  • Use tools to see more of the market

There’s only so many times you can hit refresh on a property search before you give up, seeing the same listings. To really get ahead of buyers and find more potential upcoming properties, look out for tools that allow you to see off-market properties and more of the property chain.

What are off-market properties?

Exclusive previews and off-market homes are a great way to get ahead. More than 37,000 homes were sold ‘off-market’ in the first three months of this year, making it the highest quarterly number recorded since 2007.

While finding your ideal home without competing offers is somewhat akin to finding a needle in a haystack, with Boomin, you can get ahead of other aspiring buyers. Finding homes before they hit the market and staying the loop in case their offer falls through is a great way to stay steps ahead of the competition.

Tools on how to find properties before they hit the market

And how do I find off-market properties? Boomin can help with these unique features.

  • Secret Properties

See properties being valued right now in places where you want to buy, way before they ever appear on other property sites. Get ahead of everyone else and register your interest to be the first to know when they come to market.

  • Sneak Peek

Learn about new property listings days before full details are available anywhere else online. Be the first to book a viewing and get ahead of other buyers with Boomin.

  • MatchMaker

Connect with homeowners who aren’t on the market yet. Simply place a MatchMaker Buyer advert (it’s free!) pinpointing your dream streets or school catchments, and entice sellers into the market. It’s unique and effective.

  • ChainMaker

Found a home you like but have just missed out on it? On Boomin, you can register your interest in homes that are sold subject to contract. So, if the sale falls through on a property you fell in love with, you’ll be first in line to step in and buy.

Boomin’s unique property tools allow homeowners to get ahead of other buyers, helping you to find your next home that much easier.

Start your search

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Faye deGavre

Content Writer