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Boomin...It's a Match: House Hunting Tips for Couples

It's a Match: House Hunting Tips for Couples

Paired with your perfect partner? Now it’s time to find your new nest with these house hunting tips for couples.

Faye deGavre


Nov 16, 2021


5 min read

It's a Match: House Hunting Tips for Couples

For some couples, buying a house is as easy as getting a car. They schedule a couple of viewings, find one they like, put in an offer and the rest is history. But for everyone else, it’s a bit more complicated. If you both go into the process with different expectations, friction is bound to occur.

House hunting as a couple can be fun and exhausting – often at the same time. The more you prepare for some of the challenges of buying a house together, the less likely you’ll fall at the first hurdle. 

House hunting tips for couples

  • To rent or buy?

For some couples, especially those living in large cities, there can be a disagreement over whether renting or buying is the best option.

There’s always a case for buying a house. The property is yours and will increase in value. But there’s something to be said for renting: you don’t have to take on debt. You also have fewer responsibilities, and it can be easier to move around. 

While it’d be nice if there was a simple answer, there’s no right or wrong way to go. Work this one out together. To help you decide, we took a look at whether it’s better to rent or buy a house.

  • Work out your budget and stick to it

Unless you’re a finance person, most people don’t enjoy talking about budgets. However, this isn’t a situation where you can get away from shying away from numbers. Nothing is worse than finding your dream home - only to find it’s double your budget. 

Things can get sticky when one person wants to live well below their means, while the other half is comfortable to stretch the budget. As with most disagreements, the best solution is to meet in the middle. 

Remember to consider more than just the mortgage payment. There are many more costs of buying a home.

  • Decide on location

There are many ways to put your stamp on a home, but one thing you can’t change is the location. Where do you both want to live? If you disagree on location, it can lead to a stalemate in the search for a property. 

As you decide where to live, think about factors like proximity to work, school catchment areas, resale value, neighbourhood safety and nearby amenities. You may both have to compromise.

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  • Make a list of needs/wants/deal breakers

Your partner longs for a move-in-ready new-build. You’re hoping for a fixer-upper period property. Work out what you both want, need and if there are any areas where you’re unwilling to compromise. This helps to map out both of your expectations so you’re on the same page.

  • Always attend viewings together

House hunting as a couple is a tough process that demands both of you to view a property, inspect it, discuss it and make an informed decision – often at lightning speed. If only one of you views the property, the balance is thrown out of kilter and both of your expectations may not align.

Sync your schedules and book a viewing together.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff

As a couple, you may not agree on all aspects of the house, from the bathroom tile to the carpet colour. These details can be smoothed out later. You want to make sure you’ve picked a house – the bare bones – that fits the needs of your future together. Couples don’t always agree on décor choices, but an interior designer can help create an aesthetic that meets in the middle ground.

House hunting FAQs

  • Can me and my friend buy a house together?

Couples in a relationship aren’t the only ones who can enjoy homeownership. If you’re asking, “Should we buy a house together?”, well, there’s no one true answer, but here’s our take on buying a house with friends.

  • How long does house hunting take?

On average, the house hunting stage can take a couple of months, depending on your needs and the housing market. If you’re both limited to weekend viewings, the process could take longer.

  • How to buy and sell at the same time?

Are you going to be selling your own house or flat so you can move in with your partner? Find out the value of your home. Choose up to 3 local Estate Agents to value your property in just 15 minutes with SmartVal.

If you’re going to buy and sell a house at the same time, here’s how to synchronise your move.

  • What questions to ask when viewing a house?

During the viewing, it’s important to soak in as much of the property as you can to maximise the experience. So, prepare your questions and take pictures. Take a look at some of our favourite questions to ask when viewing a house.

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Moving in together is an exciting step, but be sure to leverage these house hunting tips to keep things running smoothly.

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Faye deGavre

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