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5 Favourite Home Design Ideas in Property Playground [September]

Steal these top home inspiration finds.

Sep 30, 2021

5 Favourite Home Design Ideas in Property Playground [September]

Picture this: a smooth hardwood floor caresses your bare feet as you pad through your rustic kitchen en route to your wet room oasis for a spot of pampering, after which you collapse fireside for an afternoon of relaxation. Sounds pretty great, right? This month, the home obsessed on Property Playground have told us a story where the main characters are warm wood, suave wall panelling and iconic schemes. Take a look at some of the top home design ideas this month.

Natural Texture Kitchen by Harvey Jones

With the on-trend style of an industrial loft and the comfort and warmth of a traditional farmhouse this kitchen relies on its history to tell a contemporary tale. We love the juxtaposition of the warm red brick with the age-old truss, antique windows and incredible vaulted ceiling that allows the space to breathe and bathe in natural light. 

As with cake and tea, it seems like you can never have too much timber – the kitchen island, beams, built-in seating, cabinetry and flooring are all different woods and finishes, banishing any matchy-matchiness and embracing an authentic, rustic vibe. What’s more, this design shows that reclaimed wood is a beautifully unique – and beautifully green – style choice.

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Elm Kitchen by Auspicious Furniture 

It seems that the warmth, texture and authenticity of wood is proving irresistible to Playgrounders this month. Harking back to organic textures and natural materials, it’s an eco-alternative that is truly timeless. 

This elm kitchen features floor-to-ceiling cabinets (say sayonara to storage issues) and a substantial kitchen island, contrasted against white-painted units. Without this warm grain, this scheme could potentially look a little clinical, but the natural hues make all the difference. We love the small touches too, from the arch cabinet to the black handles and worktops that bring the look together.

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Rear Extension by Claudia Urvois Interior Design

From all things neutral, we now hop over to a kitchen extension that is packed with colour. Mink walls, green bar stools, terrazzo flooring, plant-based greenery and yellow sofa pack a punch in this incredible transformation. 

This contemporary hub isn’t afraid to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior. There’s a seamless transition to the patio through a sliding door with no windowpane interruption, as well as dual skylights for a continued view of the great outdoors. From the colours to the materials, down to the last throw cushion, it’s form and function paired perfectly. We just want to step in and start living in it.

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Wet Room by Ultimate Wetrooms

When you think of bathrooms, wood accents don’t necessarily leap to mind. While water and wood don’t play too nicely together, wood-effect tile is a wonderful way to add some natural texture into a wet room sans swollen timber and rotting planks. 

Timber tiles are full of knots, life and character but aren’t fazed by a bit of moisture, so you can plaster them on the walls and floor. In this wet room, they’ve used a delightful combination of natural ash and blue/grey-coloured tiles for a distressed, rough-hewn appeal. The relative simplicity elsewhere keeps all the attention on the feature wall and floor.

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Tivoli Crescent North by Minton Young Limited

Think “wood panelling” and you’re likely picturing a 1970s cigar room or golf club interior. But this wall work has seen a huge resurgence in recent years. Indeed, we can confirm the trend continues – and while this Jacobean-style panelling is always at home in Victorian and Georgian properties, it’s equally well-suited to contemporary spaces. While many splash neutral paint on panels these days, there is a beauty about leaving the timber to shine. Paired with light wood flooring, an amber-tiled fireplace and the heritage-green chair, this space will age like a fine wine.

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