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5 Most-Shopped Products in Property Playground [July]

The Playground community’s favourite homeware discoveries.

Jul 29, 2021

5 Most-Shopped Products in Property Playground [July]

If you’ve been hoping to give your home décor a well-deserved update but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. The interior buffs on Property Playground have found some stellar homeware buys this month, from industrial mirrors to groovy sofas to oh-so-soothing paint. Without further ado, here are July’s top Playground purchases.

Cox & Cox: Antiqued window mirror

Windowpane mirrors are everywhere at the moment, but this industrial-stroke-antique one from Cox & Cox really caught the community’s eye. The design may be simple but hung up or propped against a wall creates a striking effect. Use it to bounce light around a room to create the illusion of more space in your home. And for that bygone era feel? The brushed iron makes it perfectly antique.

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The Cotswold Company: Festoon lights

We’ve all been there: you’ve spent hours in the garden weeding and planting. When all the hard graft is done, and you're enjoying a much-deserved G&T, you realise there's something missing. That finishing touch, that bit of ambience. And that's what these festoon lights provide.

This set directly plugs into the mains, so you can forget dashing about for batteries at dusk. Once illuminated, the subtle glow adds whimsy and charm to garden parties and dining al fresco. The hardest part? Deciding where to put them.

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Cox & Cox: Ortun 910 paint

Greens are extremely versatile, from pastel mint to rich emerald. And that’s why you’ll find them used in various spaces, from luxe living rooms to boho bedrooms and formal hallways. This calm green-blue is a beautiful blend that works well with other rustic and rich colours. The hue is not at all garish or sickly; rather, a duck egg blue with all the right shades. Calming and refreshing, it adds instant relaxed elegance to any space.

Find more fitting colours at Cox & Cox Burnt orange sofa

It’s official: the ’70s are making a comeback. And one artefact making its way back into contemporary hearts and homes is the funky burnt orange sofa.

The delicious, smouldering shade of this sofa leans more towards red than ‘true’ orange, which makes this pop of colour just like Diana Ross: not only loud, but seriously luxe. The bolster cushions and pin-tufted seating add a touch of vintage style, yet the soft velvet and sleek silhouette can steal the show in contemporary, classic or rustic living spaces. 

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The Cotswold Company: Outdoor dining bench

With July’s soaring temperatures, it would be rude not to get set up for some socialising in the garden. This cool-toned wooden bench set is a crowd-pleaser that brings a sense of the up-scale countryside pub to your at-home dining. From its classic slatted design to its compact size that easily slides into smaller gardens, it’s no surprise this bench has been snapped up by so many Playground shoppers this month.

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