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Top 5 Home Design Ideas in Property Playground [July]

July’s top home inspiration finds.

Jul 29, 2021

Top 5 Home Design Ideas in Property Playground [July]

The Property Playground community have been devouring some tantalising home inspiration throughout July. And the warmer weather has only encouraged such behaviour. From glass box extensions to rooftop terraces, there’s a bit of everything to suit a wide range of tastes. Ready to whet your appetite? Tuck in to some of the top ideas and home inspiration projects that have gone down a treat this month. 

Townhouse by Sarah Finney Interiors

A welcoming entry is first on the list with this neutral, supremely practical scene. A hallway so often lends itself to being a characterless dumping ground, but here, the built-in window seat has taken back control. Maximising the dead space under the window, the seat holds storage (for the mounting detritus) and offers seating (to avoid sitting on the stairs or holding onto walls to pull your shoes on and off). The flawless wood flooring, black fireplace feature and palette of beige calms the senses when entering and leaving. We’ll happily take our shoes off and stay awhile!

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Cheltenham residential by Emily Rickard Design

Is it a larder? Is it a minibar? A combination of the two? We’re loving this barder that looks like it’s stepped right out of the Mediterranean with its terracotta hues and patterned floor tiles. Shades of brown in the cabinetry, tiles and shelving plus glints of copper in the utensils add warmth to the space, while the matte black worktop, stairs, light fixture and door keep it modern and sufficiently chic for Cheltenham. 

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Roof terrace by Georgia Lindsay Garden Design

In this gorgeous rooftop garden, plants sit in a raised planter and disguise the built-in banquette seating. Featuring lavender, evergreens and pink blooms, the mishmash of abundant plants are cleverly arranged to appear wild and spontaneous so you feel lost in a meadow – rather than above a city. The soft colours of the wooden seating, cushions, table and even the lanterns echo a natural palette that’s all so pleasing to the eye. The Playground community could certainly see many content afternoons lounging on this terrace.

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Courtyard by James Lee Landscape Design

Indoor/outdoor living has never looked so good. This London residential’s kitchen opens up to the patio and garden with not one but two glass walls in a design fit for a Los Angeles mansion. This glass box extension celebrates the original brick building, seamlessly blending the old and new. 

The addition, complete with full-height glazing, allows the family to enjoy uninterrupted views of the garden. And the harmony continues faultlessly: the panelled wood fence with a built-in living wall is the extra step that ties the yellow brick and green lawn together.

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Kitchen extension by Design Spec

A talented designer's touch is conspicuous by the effortless feel of this contemporary kitchen. An on-trend blend of navy and bright white cabinetry adds both depth and space to the unusually shaped room. But light is where the real magic lies. From floor-level plinths to skylights, every opportunity has been used to subtle yet spectacular effect.

Together with those open shelves and copper accents, we're not surprised this inspired so many Playground browsers this month.

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