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SmartVal Marketing Campaign Launches

Sep 06, 2021

SmartVal Marketing Campaign Launches

We are pleased to launch the marketing campaign for SmartVal today. The new tool, which is now live and has been developed in-house, harnesses the expertise of local agents to provide a more accurate, real-time online valuation than any other valuation tool on the market. “SmartVal was created to fill the significant void between automated digital-only valuations based on historic data, whose accuracy is often questioned and provide no direct leads to agents, and full in-person property valuations,” said Tom Kirk, Chief Product Officer at Boomin.

The new advertising campaign, which aims to deliver SmartVal into the stream of consciousness of UK consumers, runs from 6 September. The ads are an extension of Boomin’s highly successful ‘good things happen’ campaign and continue to feature the voice-over of Brian Cox, star of HBO’s Succession. The first of the new ads will air on 6 September on Channel 4 and will also run on live TV, video on demand and YouTube.

Visitors to the Boomin platform can request a SmartVal from local agents who are online and available. “The agents embracing SmartVal are at the forefront of delivering what homeowners are looking for - accuracy and engagement with a great local agent. It is a real opportunity to build a relationship with customers who would otherwise be stored away in some database in the cloud. We recommend that agents register their mobile number on Boomin so they can be the first to receive valuation requests without delay,” commented Tom.

Supplied with information from the property owner, and supplemented with detailed market data, the selected agents will have all they need to provide a valuation within a fixed period of 15 minutes. The 15 minute period was chosen after extensive market research, and represents the optimum time that holds customers’ interest. Agents are provided with all the data insights they need at their fingertips to complete the valuation in the allotted time. Once the SmartVal is submitted the agent gains access to the customer’s contact details for follow-up and to start a new business relationship.

Nick Moir, Head of Customer Experience at Andrews Property Consultancy said:

“The set-up process for SmartVal was quick and easy, as we already have designated agents who prepare valuations for walk-ins and call enquiries. As with any new tool, consumer adoption will take time, but this has the potential longer-term to be transformative for our business.”

Michael Bruce, CEO and founder of Boomin, said:

“SmartVal is an example of how we are different and not a classified advertising platform. SmartVal brings together technology, data and local agent expertise to address one of the most critical issues currently facing all estate agents; a lack of new property supply to the market.

SmartVal aims to get agents where they want to be, in front of customers building relationships and supporting them onto the market and through a transaction. Before online classified property advertising existed, this happened naturally, with people engaging directly with agents, who were front and centre. SmartVal is about re-establishing that earlier/deeper relationship between agent and customer.

Whilst we have just launched V1 of SmartVal we will continue to enhance the features and the user experience for both agents and customers. We are already working on V2 which will engage the customer even more closely with the agent and provide the ultimate in choice, flexibility and accuracy. We have an exciting pipeline of new solutions and upgrades going live over the next couple of months, which will demonstrate beyond doubt that Boomin is the only portal with innovation as a genuine part of its DNA.”