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Boomin...The Platinum Jubilee Road Names That Will Set You Back as Much as £2m for a Property
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The Platinum Jubilee Road Names That Will Set You Back as Much as £2m for a Property

Inspired by the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, here we reveal how much it will cost you to buy a house on one of the nation’s Jubilee-themed road names.

Jun 01, 2022

The Platinum Jubilee Road Names That Will Set You Back as Much as £2m for a Property

We analysed price paid data records from the Land Registry for homes sold across England and Wales over the last 12 months, looking at the average sold price across some of our most royal road names.

If you want to emulate Her Majesty from a property standpoint, well at least where your address is concerned, there’s no better street to live on than Buckingham Palace Road.

Doing so would see you living on the same street as the palace itself but, unfortunately, it’s also the most expensive royal road name in England and Wales, commanding an average house price of £800,000 over the last year alone. The most expensive sale in the past 12 months was a flat which sold for £1.95 million.

Luckily, you don’t have to have quite such a princely budget to grab your own slice of royalty. Road names containing ‘palace’, such as Palace Road in Liverpool, command a more reasonable average house price of £454,500, while property values on roads containing the word ‘royal’ have averaged £292,000 in the last year.

‘Monarch’, including Monarch Gardens in Tunbridge Wells, brings an average price of £280,000, while roads containing the word ‘crown’, such as Crown Close in Dewsbury, carry an average of £254,500.

Elsewhere, ‘Elizabeth’ commands an average house price of £240,000 with the most expensive transaction in the past year being a terraced house on Queen Elizabeth’s Walk, Hackney, which sold for £2.15 million.

A property on a road with ‘Queen’ in the name will cost you £230,000 on average, but the most expensive price paid in the last year was a mind-boggling £12.4 million for a flat on Queensway in the City of Westminster.

Roads containing ‘jubilee’ have commanded £220,000 over the last 12 months but, in the past year, a terraced house on Jubilee Place in Kensington sold for £4.35 million.

‘Commonwealth’, such as that of Commonwealth Close in Winsford, carries an average price of £220,000, while property values along roads with ‘throne’, such as Throne Crescent in Rowley Regis in Sandwell, average £184,000.

Michael Bruce, CEO and Founder of Boomin, says:

“The Royal Family is a cornerstone of British culture and they’re woven into the fabric of our nation, influencing the names of everything from transport links, schools, corporate buildings and even our residential road names.

In fact, there are an abundance of residential royal road names the length and breadth of the nation, some of which are home to a far more affordable price tag than their regal titles might imply.

So for those currently looking to climb the property ladder, what better way to honour our Queen and her 70 years of outstanding leadership than by snagging yourself your own little bit of bricks and mortar on a royal named road.”

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