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New Features Driving Business for Agents

Analysis of quantitative data on the success of Boomin's new features in driving business for agents.

May 23, 2022

New Features Driving Business for Agents
  • Over 20% of SmartVals result in a listing(1)
  • Over 11% of all calls generated through the platform are valuations(2)
  • Secret Property & ChainMaker providing 48% uplift in valuations
  • Another 20 leading independent agent signings announced

SmartVal has been one of the new and unique standout features developed by Boomin, capturing the public’s attention, as evidenced by the 300,000+ SmartVals since launching in September 2021. Whilst there is always going to be a time lag between requesting a SmartVal and listing a property, our early data, which has been calculated with the support of property data experts TwentyCi, estimates that already over 20% of homeowners who receive a SmartVal go on to list their property with an agent. This highlights the power of the platform to attract homemovers before anyone else and draw more of those people into the market.

As a lead generation site Boomin is focused on the quality of leads to agents generated through its platform. Already, it is estimated by call tracking specialists iovox that over 11% of calls made through the platform are for valuations. SecretProperty and ChainMaker registrations are driving a 48% increase in valuations for agents and are proving to be very effective at generating significant unique business.

With the early success of its new features Boomin has been able to demonstrate to agents a differentiated and valuable proposition, which continues to drive agent sign-ups. “Boomin offers something new and innovative to the market, complementing our existing digital marketing and creating real opportunities for our agents. We’re pleased to support Boomin in their next phase of growth,” commented Farrell Heyworth’s Director Jeremy Collins.

Recent leading independent agent signings to Boomin

  • Bond Oxborough Phillips
  • Bradleys
  • Bridges
  • Chase Evans
  • Cooke & Co
  • Farrell Heyworth
  • Henry Adams
  • Johns&Co
  • Kingstons
  • McCartneys
  • Miller Metcalfe
  • Open House
  • Pacitti Jones
  • Pearson Ferrier
  • Penny Lane Homes
  • Simon Miller & Company
  • Strakers
  • Walton & Hipkiss
  • West Wales Properties
  • WhiteKnights
Penny Lane Homes MD Mark Canning said:

“The Boomin platform gives us a competitive edge, connecting our agents to local people at an earlier stage in their property journey, resulting in quality leads, which are converting into real business. The communication, support and engagement with the Boomin team is unparalleled."

Bradleys Group Marketing Director Kai Logan said:

“We’ve been impressed with the Boomin platform and in particular their evolution in such a short period of time and are looking forward to continuing that journey with them. Across the industry we have talked about the user experience and the customer journey and it is exciting to see a platform take this to the next level in terms of the user’s ability to search and engage whether selling, buying, letting or simply planning changes in their home via Property Playground. It is very refreshing and hopefully an opportunity for the home moving public to enjoy more elements of the moving process.”

Pacitti Jones CEO John O’Malley said:

“Partnering with Boomin is not just an excellent move for us as an agency but also a fantastic opportunity for our customers to enjoy a significantly enhanced property buying and selling experience. Through the advanced technology platforms available with Boomin, our customers will be able to enjoy early viewings of properties not yet on the open market and those looking to sell can be confident of real exposure. It’s an exciting time as the property buying and selling experience takes great strides forward and Pacitti Jones is thrilled to be at the forefront of these changes.”

Open House MD Alex Morrison said:

“Although still in its infancy we have been very impressed with the results and support so far. The Boomin team has a refreshing and much needed change in culture that allows them to understand our individual business needs and provide solutions that work with the way we operate.”

Cooke & Co founder and MD Damien Cooke said:

“We have realised that Boomin is not just another property listing portal. Boomin offers us a unique set of tools to gain us an advantage in the local market getting, us in front of potential vendors and hot buyers at an early stage. This has become an integral part of our systems allowing us to nurture and identify buyer and seller persona. This means we can send relevant information at an opportune time. Clients have responded well to the easy-to-use tools. We are genuinely excited about the future.”

Michael Bruce, founder and CEO of Boomin said:

“There is growing understanding and acceptance within the agent community that our offering is very different from that of the traditional portals. As can be seen in many agent testimonials our tools are creating new business opportunities for agents and getting them engaged with unique customers earlier in their property journey. This has to be a good thing. SmartVal is but one example of our unique value creation, where together with TwentyCi we estimate that already over 20% of SmartVals convert into a live property listing and we expect this conversion percentage to continue to rise.

Boomin is different and we will continue to focus relentlessly on creating new innovations that create tangible value for agents and a richer experience for customers.”


(1) Boomin and TwentyCi data

(2) iovox Survey