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Agent Support for Boomin Continues to Build 

Second wave announcement of leading regional agents signed up to Boomin.

Apr 13, 2022


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Agent Support for Boomin Continues to Build 

We are pleased to announce a second group of leading agents who have already signed up to the platform. The programme of agent sign-up meetings is continuing and as a result there will be further announcements coming shortly.

Second wave announcement of leading regional agents signed up to Boomin:

  • Anthony Martin
  • Ashtons
  • Beals
  • Hannells
  • Manning Stainton
  • Miles & Barr
  • Pygott & Crone
  • Ryder & Dutton
  • Taylor Hill & Bond
  • Urban & Rural

Those agents signing up to Boomin will have the commitment of a competitive fee, which covers all the unique features of the platform, free from extra and hidden charges, as well as pricing certainty. Agents will also receive ancillary revenues generated through Property Playground and Priorities and for the first time will retain mortgage referral income, which Boomin estimates to be a £50m opportunity for agents, which until now has been pocketed by the other portals and the banks and building societies they have sold the leads to.

Agents will also receive free shares in Boomin to ensure they benefit from its growing success. As part of our commitment to long term relationships with our agents we have put aside tens of millions of pounds of founder shares and additional shares for those who sign up.

Mark Brooks, CEO of Miles & Barr said:

“Sellers and Buyers are always on the lookout for helpful and easy-to-use services and Boomin has successfully identified what these are by launching a range of tools, including SmartVal, that enhance the convenience of selling and buying. The launch of SmartVal was an innovative and unique idea that not only benefits homeowners, but it also provides agents, like us, the opportunity to secure referral opportunities. We are looking forward to continuing our affiliation with the property portal platform, as one of the founder agents, because Boomin delivers standout digital property services.”

Mark Manning, Managing Director of Manning Stainton said:

“It’s clear that with tools such as SmartVal helping to reach the customer at an earlier point in the cycle Boomin is intent on trying to come at things from a different perspective and we are excited to see how the platform continues to evolve and develop.”

Anthony Martin, CEO of Anthony Martin said:

“At Anthony Martin we are always looking for new innovations to drive our Offices / Franchisees forward. When we heard about Boomin we signed up straight away as we saw it was different from the other portals. It was truly innovative and gave us the opportunity to increase our business levels. SmartVal gave us instant results and has led to £25K worth of fees earned and more in the pot to come. We have openly embraced Secret Property and ChainMaker and look forward to these bringing us more results in the future. The key to any prop tech platform is to embrace it and at Anthony Martin we have made Boomin part of the furniture, here's to even more success in the future.“

Michael Bruce, founder and CEO of Boomin said:

“In 2021 we asked agents to try our platform and let us prove to them, free of charge and commitment, how we are different and how we use technology to create innovative new features that drive new revenue opportunities for agents and a better experience for customers. We asked agents for the opportunity to try and earn their trust. The continued signing of agents to the platform one year on, is evidence that we are making good progress.

We will never become complacent or arrogant and we will take nothing for granted. We will continue to work tirelessly for agents, upgrading current features and creating new tools that draw more people into the market and connect them with agents earlier in their property journey. We are also increasing our engagement with agents and training so that all of them can extract the most value from the tools.”