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How much is your house worth? Get answers with expert online house valuations

Transparent, full house valuation

How can I value my house? Whether you’re ready to sell your home or just curious about your property’s market price, Boomin makes it easy to book your full house valuation online.

  • See real-time agent availability
  • Book online, day or night, 24/7
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Three people looking at tablets in the house
Three people looking at tablets in the house

Get buyers interested. Instantly.

Thanks to our Secret Properties feature, Boomin is the only place where when you’re thinking to sell your house or flat, it can be visible to buyers and tenants the moment you book a property valuation.

During the house valuation, your Estate Agent will share how many potential buyers have registered their interest in your property. If you choose to sell your home, these buyers will be notified, moving you one step closer to completing.

Woman smiling and looking at her tablet, sitting by a sofa
Woman smiling and looking at her tablet, sitting by a sofa

Book a free valuationit only takes a few minutes.

Only the best Estate Agents are on Boomin

See real-time agent availability

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Receive instant confirmation

Easily rearrange or cancel, 24/7

Search for Estate Agents and start selling

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Select agents for SmartVal

Get an online house valuation within a matter of minutes, delivered to your inbox by a local Estate Agent. Start with a SmartVal.

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Book a full house valuation

When you’re ready to sell your house, book a full property valuation from one of the thousands of qualified experts on Boomin. Book online, 24/7.

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Sell your house faster

With Boomin’s unique feature, Sneak Peek, your property can be online and gathering interest before the full listing is published.

The nation’s top Estate Agents are on Boomin

We work with agents that help you get your property valued, listed and sold. These top-performing professionals care about giving their customers the best experience whether buying, selling, renting or letting. When you’re stuck wondering, ‘How much is my property worth?’, Boomin is the place to go.

Choose from the thousands of Estate Agents who work with Boomin and enjoy a more seamless selling experience.

Three people in the kitchen looking at tablet
Three people in the kitchen looking at tablet

Your valuation questions, answered

When you’re ready to sell your house, a property valuation is essential to understand its value and what is a fair asking price for your home. Before putting it on the market, get a couple of house valuations to ensure you’re selecting the right agent and listing it for the right price.

Isn’t that the ultimate question? The best way to know how much your home is worth is to book a valuation with an Estate Agent.

Keep in mind that your home’s value will fluctuate over time and depends on many variables.

With SmartVal, you can receive up to 3 online house valuations by an Estate Agent within minutes.

Otherwise, book a free, full property valuation with a local expert who will visit your home.

If you want to know how to add value to your home, you’re not alone. Many of us want to spruce up our properties before putting them on the market to get the maximum price.

The location and condition of your property significantly determine its value. If you’re looking to invest time and money, there are ways to bump up the value, whether that’s through making repairs, updating living spaces or converting the loft. Explore more on Property Playground.

When you book a house valuation, the Estate Agent will be able to advise ways to improve the value once they have reviewed the property.

House valuations, when booked through Boomin, are completely free. Whether you want a quick online house valuation through SmartVal or to book a full home valuation, it won’t cost you anything to find out the value of your home.

We’re glad you asked. Find out how to get an online house valuation through SmartVal here.


Tuck into learning more about property valuations, wherever you are in your home journey.