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The most accurate online property valuation ever

Drive more valuations and see instructions soar

As a unique real-time online house valuation tool that blends technology with data, SmartVal offers something that’s missing from algorithm-generated valuations: local agent expertise.

With SmartVal, customers can request a free, more accurate online sale or rental valuation of their home. Delivered by real local agents.

SmartVal gives agents access to homeowners first, to encourage them to the market and unlock profitable business you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Agents who embrace SmartVal are already experiencing the benefits.

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    The power of SmartVal

  • Easy and flexible

    SmartVal is an easy way for you to engage with homeowners looking for an accurate valuation of their home, so you can encourage them to take the next step of an in-person agent appraisal.

  • Fair to all agents

    SmartVal gives vendors and landlords access to a wider choice of available local agents.

  • Connect directly with homeowners

    Agents engage directly with every potential vendor and landlord who requests a SmartVal. So homeowners can bypass inaccurate digital estimates which are based on historical data stored in the cloud and have no agent input at all.

  • Available 24/7

    Even when you’re offline, customers can still request a SmartVal from you at any time and you have until 12pm the next working day to respond. Working days are defined as Monday to Saturday.

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Why SmartVal is a good thing for agents

Never miss out again

Get instant text and email alerts when an Online SmartVal request comes in, so you can accept it within 1 hour and then submit your completed valuation within 1 hour.

You get an email alert when an Offline SmartVal comes in, which you need to accept by 12pm the next working day.

Build early relationships with homeowners

It's an easy way to engage with owners early and encourage them to take the next step of an in-person appraisal.

Encourage homeowners into the market

More accurate real-time valuations give customers the confidence to make informed decisions about their property.

Drive follow-ups and living room valuations

Contact details are exchanged, providing you with a stepping-stone to more customer interactions and instructions.

Get more visibility as a trusted expert

With Boomin data insights at your fingertips, you can showcase your brand and local market knowledge.

On your own terms

Switch your availability on and off between 9am – 10pm, 7 days a week, to suit your schedule. Even when you’re offline after 10pm you can still receive Offline SmartVal requests.

SmartVal in action

  • 01

    A customer requests a SmartVal

    They enter property details (type, number and condition of rooms plus photos) and choose up to 3 agents who are live and online. If there are less than 3 agents online, or it’s after 10pm, the customer can select an offline agent instead.

  • 02

    The clock starts ticking!

    Online agents who are chosen have 1 hour to accept a SmartVal request. The customer can see everything as it happens. It’s all interactive. Once accepted, each agent then has 1 hour to deliver the valuation.

  • 03

    Agents work their magic

    Agents receive property details, photos and Boomin data including sold prices, comparable live listings and a demand summary showing recent searches matching the property.

  • 04

    The SmartVal is submitted

    The agent enters a minimum, maximum and suggested market price and the customer is notified when the SmartVal is submitted. Contact details are then exchanged when the customer views the valuation to enable a follow-up.

    SmartVal fast facts

  • SmartVal is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Customers can request 3 agents to provide a SmartVal. If agents don’t accept, alternative agents are offered.
  • Up to 3 SmartVals can be provided for the same property in any 3-month period.
  • Customers can receive an ‘Online’ SmartVal within 1 hour when they choose 3 ‘live’ agents displayed between 9am – 10pm, 7 days a week.
  • Customers can receive an ‘Offline’ SmartVal the next working day when they choose an ‘offline’ agent from those displayed.
  • If fewer than 3 agents are online between 9am – 10pm, then ‘offline’ agents are displayed. Online agents are always profiled first.
  • Each branch can have a maximum of 3 Offline SmartVals queuing at any one time.
  • When your branch reaches 3 Offline SmartVals queued, it won’t appear for any further selections until your branch has fewer than 3 queued requests.
  • Once you accept an Offline SmartVal, the 1-hour time limit to deliver the valuation still applies.
  • We text and email customers to let them know when their Offline SmartVals are completed.
  • You receive the customer’s contact details once your SmartVal has been viewed.

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Getting started is easy

While digital valuations based on algorithms serve a purpose, they are no match for a real agent.

We understand the value agents add. With SmartVal you can provide fast, accurate online property valuations and encourage customers to take the next step with you.

Exclusive to Boomin agents, it's easy to get started. Don’t forget to register your mobile number in the Agent Hub, so you receive text alerts when SmartVal requests come in while you’re online.

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Once you're set up to do SmartVals for your branch you'll automatically appear 'live’ and visible to customers between 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday. However, you can ‘toggle’ yourself off and on during these times and up to 10pm 7 days a week to capture valuation requests, even outside normal business hours. When you’re toggled on, your branch is displayed as an online (i.e. available) agent. Customers can choose up to 3 agents to submit a SmartVal.

You can simply click a ‘toggle’ button to switch yourself on or off at any time during the day up to 10pm, when you will be automatically switched off until 9am the next morning. From 10pm – 9am all agents appear as offline, but can still receive SmartVal requests. If you receive an Offline SmartVal request, you have until 12pm the next working day to accept it and then 1 hour to deliver the valuation. Working days are defined as Monday to Saturday.

You can set any of your branch staff as eligible to accept SmartVals. When they are set to ‘live’ status, and you have added their mobile numbers, all eligible agents are notified by SMS and email as soon as a SmartVal request is received between 9am – 10pm. The first agent in your branch to accept the request will be allocated the valuation task.

No. Customers can only receive a maximum of 3 completed SmartVals for the same property in any 3-month period. If they have multiple properties, then they can receive 3 completed SmartVals for each property in any 3-month period.

No. If you’re toggled on as ‘live’ a branch can only accept and work on one SmartVal for sales and one SmartVal for lettings at any point in time during 9am - 10pm. Your branch will not be visible as 'live' for SmartVal requests until you submit the type of valuation you are working on. If you receive an Offline SmartVal, then you can only have up to 3 in the queue for you to action by 12pm the next working day. If you have 3 Offline SmartVals in your queue, you will no longer be displayed for customers to choose you for any further valuation requests until you action the valuations in your queue.

Absolutely not. SmartVals encourage agent-customer relationships earlier in the journey, entice property owners to enter the market (thanks to an accurate valuation), and generate follow-up living room appraisals - leading to more instructions for your agency.

In their Property Hub on Boomin. They will see your brand, the price range and marketing price you have set for the property. They will also be encouraged to book a living room valuation with you through the click of a button.

Yes. You can accept requests from any location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you choose.