Transforming the property market for everyone

Launching 2020

The most agent- and customer-centric solution ever created

Our ambitions

  • Open the market and get more people moving
  • Get customers engaging with agents like they used to
  • Increase revenues – during and long after the transaction
  • Give agents unprecedented life-long brand exposure
  • Increase productivity, giving agents more time to do what they love
  • Power a transformational experience for everyone – building loyalty
  • Support, promote, advertise and enhance the profile of Estate Agents
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“Determining the future, rather than reacting to it.”

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Boomin is all about innovating and investing in everyone interested in property. It’s about opening up the market and getting more people moving.

We want to create an environment where Estate Agents are:

  • Empowered to deliver exceptional experiences
  • Respected and rewarded for the work they do
  • Able to create lasting relationships with their customers.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Grow your business, earn more revenue, increase your productivity and have fun.