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Welcome to Boomin

We are the powerful new property site that provides a much richer search experience whilst building a long-term relationship between Agents and Customers; way beyond the end of any transaction.

Genuine innovation will entice more people into the market, ensure that they are fully engaged with Agents and help to increase the total number of transactions.

Boomin will also become the primary source of inspiration for the millions of people who are passive browsers. A property portal like no other...

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Fair and transparent fees from the outset

We’re pleased to be able to confirm our pricing for Founder Members, beyond the end of the free period. Our fees work on a per brand, per month basis and are guaranteed for the next three years.

Underpinning these fees is our objective to create more revenue for you than you ever pay us.

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Our fees
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“A property search can no longer just be a long list of live properties to sell or let. It must be more powerful, more engaging and relevant; unlocking the insights and experiences that you would receive from contact with a great Agent.
Agents want us to innovate, invest more and create better outcomes for everyone.
Boomin is highly Agent and Customer centric. We will generate more new revenue for Agents than they will ever pay to us and create unparalleled experiences for their Customers; on a level never before seen in our industry.”

Michael Bruce, co-Founder.

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We will open up the market and make more transactions happen

Boomin is the only way for your properties to be more visible (for longer), to be showcased more prominently alongside your brand, to secure more commitment (and faster), to book more Market Appraisals and sell more houses; quicker and possibly for more money.

Technology that matches Buyers with potential Sellers (and for the first time, Sellers to potential Buyers); bringing them together via a local Agent.

A system that builds momentum behind your chain, so you have options in the event of a fall-through.

We will provide much deeper insights (in real time) into what your Customers are searching but crucially, how that develops and the opportunities it presents for Agents.

And so much more...

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Boomin offers a continuous commitment to using the latest technology to help make life easier for both Agents and Customers. A large, world-class team of software developers have created a new and exciting platform that will work hand-in-hand with the leading industry software providers to deliver better experiences and lasting relationships with your Customers.

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The marketing team at Boomin have an enviable track record at companies such as Virgin, PaddyPower, Purplebricks and carwow; building awareness and consideration incredibly quickly, using a variety of marketing tools. This expertise, coupled with a significant “always on” marketing budget, will ensure that Boomin is one of the most high-profile brand launches in recent memory.


We are different. We want to have a strong, even-footed relationship with Agents that concentrates on how we can help them win more business, increase their revenue per customer (over a longer period) and make their brand relevant, front and centre with their Customers, for a lifetime. We will achieve this whilst having a flexible, entrepreneurial approach to delivering solutions that can make a difference.

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