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Founders answer your FAQs

Kenny asks and Michael answers some key questions on subjects such as Data, Agents, pricing, integrations and transparency.

Watch a series of video interviews that address the facts behind a number of frequently asked questions, or read the detail instead.

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Nominate a Founder Agent to Boomin's Board of Directors

Deadline extended - 28th February 2021

Agents will always be a key part of everything we do at Boomin. Founder Agents and their staff are being invited to nominate a Director to our Board of Directors. The nominees will be reduced to the twelve people who received the most nominations and the Founder Agents will then vote for the person they want to be their representative on the Board.

Due to multiple requests from Founder Agents who have joined Boomin in the early weeks of 2021, we are extending the nomination deadline to the end of February 2021. This gives all of our Founder Agents the chance to nominate themselves and request nominations from colleagues.

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Fair and transparent fees from the outset

We’re pleased to be able to confirm our pricing for Founder Agents, beyond the end of the free period. Our fees work on a per brand, per month basis and are guaranteed for the next three years.

These fees reflect our objective to create more revenue for you than you will ever pay us.

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Our Founder Agents

We couldn't be prouder to be partnering with innovative Agents who have seen the benefits that Boomin has to offer them and their Customers.

  • Enjoy an exclusive, guaranteed fee structure until 2024
  • Be the first to get Customers registered within your area, guaranteeing you future revenues and getting ahead of your local competition
  • Your brand exposed more on Boomin than on any other portal

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